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(45) are also evidenced among contemporary black militants. Dr. Greenlee's colorful terminology provides us with some examples. In a column regularly entitled "Death in a Douche Bag," Dr. Greenlee frequently referred to contraceptives as "kill pills," to family planning as "Play without Pay," and to the social worker's contraceptive kit as "The Fun Bag." To the macabre blending of sexual joy and death can be added the threat of castration. Whereas Altamirano sees the "Latin American mother's womb becoming a slaughter house" (67), and a conspiracy to "block our growth, cutting the wombs of Latin American mothers, castrating Latin males, before our peoples have grown sufficiently or taken possession of the vast empty lands of the continent" (18), Greenlee refers to
... a group of black men studying how to attack the "Half Women" idea. This group feels that a black woman, taking birth control pills, is the exact same as the black woman who has had her organs removed and for that reason she should be looked upon as an incomplete woman sexually. If this idea catches on, we will have less pill taking and fewer men leaving home in search of a complete sex relation. (68)
Distributive Justice
A characteristic mission of Marxists, new leftists, and, increasingly, young people everywhere is for a more equitable distribution of the world's goods, both among nations and among groups and classes within nations. Even admitting that reduced population growth could accelerate increases in the gross national product, they question whether the benefits would ever by seen by the poor. A larger gross national product, they would argue, means only that the rich get richer or that armies grow larger. The prior, more fundamental task is changing the nature of the social structure in such a way that goods and services will be more equitably distributed. For some, this can only be brought about by revolution, for others by serious and far-reaching economic and social reforms. Proponents of this point of view are determined to suppress anything which deflects attention from their objectives. When they suspect that the deflection is intentional and manipulative, their hostility is understandably even greater.
The present birth control-population control-family planning program of the present U.S. ruling class must be crushed because it tells people that their economic and political problems—exploitation and racism—are really biological ones—fertility and love of children. The Super Rich, through Ford and Rockefeller money ... brainwash people into blaming their own strong and creative natural powers of conceiving, bearing and bringing up children for the fact that they are denied educational opportunities, jobto the Negroes to commit race suicide" (66).